Mist Maker

The mist maker is a product which enables you to create the misty effect without the use of any chemicals or dry ice. The uses of the mist maker ranges from placing it into a fish tank for that lovely ambience, to even placing on a bowl of shallow water with a few drops of aromatherapy oil for that refreshing air.

The use of the mist maker requires no chemicals and no dry ice, just water would do the trick. Place the water approximately 1 inches above the mist maker, covering the whole disc plate. The deeper the unit is placed, the lesser the mist would be. Ensure that water does not dry up, once the unit seperates from water, it stops functioning. Frequent water drying up would spoil the unit in time to come.

The mist maker comes with 12 built-in LED lightings, and a transformer.

The mist maker is recommended for usage in a water feature design, an aquarium tank, a goldfish bowl, the wedding function, the halloween party and even in your room to act as the air diffuser.


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